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pimp_my_rubber's Journal

Pimp My Rubber
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shamelessly pimp your latex rubber auctions here
Tired of running out of places on LiveJournal to advertise your rubber swag? You're in luck! pimp_my_rubber is yet another place to promote shamelessly pimp your latex rubber eBay auctions or direct LiveJournal sales. I don't know of any rubber only auction communities here, so I decided to make one. After all, I've got stuff of my own to pimp.

Anyone is welcome to join. You don't have to be a member to leave comments, but you must be a member to post.

The rules:

1) Latex/rubber fetish stuff only! That means no leather, no PVC, no plastic, no spandex, no sparkly glitter shit, etc., etc. Please do not slip in a non-rubber item in your post, or it may get deleted without warning. However, rubber-related garments and accessories made of out silicon, neoprene, or recycled rubber (biycyle innertubes) are OK. If you have latex sheeting to sell, that's OK, too, but please do not advertise any co-op buys (go to latexcrafters).

2) No spam. Do not post more than once per week. Anything more than that just gets fucking annoying. Repeat offenders will get excommunicated. If you suddenly have extra items you want to pimp, you can go back and edit your post accordingly.

3) Do not pimp your e-commerce website. pimp_my_rubber is a place to pimp your ebay auctions or direct LiveJournal sales only. Similarly, do not use this community as a place to pimp your modeling/photography website or your fetish party. You can put your website after your name at the end of the post, but don't bring attention to it.

4) Use that lj-cut tag! I have the community set up so that it displays 25 posts per page. All that info tends to slow loading time. Please be respectful and keep the one picture you decide to display at a maximum of 400 pixels x 600 pixels. Additionally, all NotWorkSafe pictures must be under a cut tag.

5) No shoes. Unless the shoes are made out of some kind of rubber, no deal. (Rubber soled shoes don't count, smartass.) The only shoe exceptions would be if they were real Vivienne Westwood's or from the Little Shoe Box.

6) No sex toys.

7) Don't be a fucking asshole.

Other pimp-able stuff:

1) Latex fetish magazines like Skin Two, Heavy Rubber, Marquis, etc. I just request that you keep all pictures under a cut tag.

2) Photo prints as long as the model is wearing mostly rubber, and the OP is not selling them directly from a commercial website. (See rule #3 above.)

3) Requests for stuff. You need a custom outfit made? Looking for a specific item? Ask, but be as specific as possible. Specific does not mean "I want a catsuit." Also, please don't ask someone to copy an existing design from a fellow latex designer. Any posts like that will get deleted without warning.

Be nice. Have fun. Buy Stuff. Stay shiny.

All questions can be asked in this post.

Do you need something repaired? Go to this post to find out who repairs rubber garments in your area. Attention all you repair people! Go to that post to enter your contact info.

I'm not responsible for the content of posts/comments made by other users, nor am I responsible for any fraudulent or crappy transactions. Be smart: buy and sell wisely. Buyers and sellers should make themselves as clear as possible to avoid miscommunication, heartbreak, and petty squabbles.