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Cute pin-uppy 1950s style dress for sale!

I'm having massive trouble trying to get a functional cut into this post. This is try #4!

Anyway, I have a lovely latex dress for sale :)

Size: UK 8
Colour: "white" (actually a creamy ivory colour) with applique red heart pattern and red trims
Style: low-cut halterneck with generous, flowing calf-length A-line skirt. The halterneck is adjustable for a perfect fit and to add more/ less support for your boobies :) It fastens with a white zip at the back to make it easy to get into and out of.
Accessories: a removable red latex sash with large bow detail
Condition: I have worn this dress for about five professional photo shoots- it is still in great condition. I'm only selling it to buy more!

More pictures...Collapse )
Asking price: £75 ono.
UK: £3 (Royal Mail Second Class)
Europe: £5 (Airmail)
USA: £7 (Airmail)

I always get proof of posting so if your package were to go missing in the mail we could claim your money back from the PO :)

Please feel free to reply with any questions :)

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